Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mystic believer priest

ok, so you've got to check this out.  my Uncle Bill has a new blog called mystic believer priest.  it's feisty, to hear my dad describe it.  doesn't pull any punches.  maybe kind of like a new martial art form.  here's a taste, just to get you curious (from his first post, dated December 11) :

This freedom. This frightening, exciting nakedness before him. In him. Around him. This dancingness in his presence.

And dancing here. There. All around. I don’t want him removed. Obscured. I don’t want someone telling me that I can’t dance. That I can’t dance naked in his presence. I don’t want someone turning off the music. I don’t want someone trying to talk over the music. I don’t want someone trying to tell me to sit down please and let me tell you what God is all about.

And so I’m tired. I’m tired of ministers and pastors and priests. Aren’t you?

Now that you mention it, yes I am.  dancing is so much better than stopping the dance, any day.  every day.

He wrote a great book, too, called Taking Note: A Year At Home With Strangers.

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Anonymous said...

awesome!! thanks for the head's up...i'm heading over to check it out!