Saturday, December 29, 2007

just checking in...

wow, it's been a busy week of celebration and gathering!  too much fun to keep up with, not to mention all of us except Colin being way under the weather with nasty colds for the last 7 days. haven't even checked email since before last Saturday - hope there isn't anything urgent going on :)  this will be brief - just wanted to pop in and say hey amidst the flurry of activities.

christmas eve day at my parents, with aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters.  then the candlelight christmas eve service - Ronni's favorite service every year.

christmas with the kids in the morning on christmas day, and then with Ronni's mom, and then at her late grandmothers house with extended family. 

followed later in the week with a bingo party at her aunt and uncles with more extended family.  and a full day christmas party with Ronni's immediate family. 

hanging out with my sister Judy in from New York, and her new boyfriend Josh, and my sister Grace who is off of school for the break.  oh, and the gift of Guitar Hero 3 from some friends, which has been going non-stop in the living room, it seems, ever since. 

helping at Compassion today with Colin to restore some sanity.  having some friends over who we haven't seen together in years this evening, and then church tomorrow, and a christmas party with the church board and spouses after that.

oh, gotta run, I think that's my parents at the door.  speaking of which, my dad is setting up a blog, finally.  I'll put up a link when I get the green light.

merry Christmas, all.  definitely an event worth celebrating for all 12 days, don't you think? 

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