Wednesday, November 30, 2005

catching up

after a certain amount of time goes by without a post, i start to think, "wow, i've got so much to write about, that i need more time to write it than i have available right now." and then the next time i have to write a quick post, there's even more to write about and so the snowball grows. perhaps the only solution is to pretend i've been posting all along, and just move on. so without further ado, all the things i would have been blogging about had i been a little less neurotic:

moving in. much help, from family and church. Joe painting our whole house. gratis, an extension of blessing from Abba. spectacular results, living like royalty now. Roxie and everyone who knows her and/or is related to her landscaping our yard, pouring a patio, planting stuff. at cost or less. all the shrubs, trees, etc. paid for by people from the church. waiting til spring for grass. all around, this whole new home experience has been soaked in soul-blowing generosity. makes Ronni and i get teary eyed when we think of it all.

trick or treating. meeting neighbors. eating Colin's candy. prayer waliking the neighborhood. serving in small ways.

installing a water line for the fridge, lights, and a cat door. only lost my salvation a couple of times, temporarily.

small group joys and growth. whole string of prayers being answered recently in the group. very cool.

flying with Mike and Arnie to Jackson in a 172 Cessna. taxied, took off from Jackson, navigated and flew at night, under snow clouds to A2, landed, taxied to hanger. with much encouragment and guidance from Mike and Arnie. serious beauty in the sky. serious rush. serious relief.

first second saturday outreach project that happened without me...and was a rousing success. cleaning gutters for elderly homeowners.

Amy and Ben watching the kids so Ronni and i could have a real date. Red Lobster and Pride & Prejudice. best chick flick i've seen, maybe ever.

Elle falling down the basement stairs. unharmed. Thanksgiving. Elle turning one. most delightful daughter. ever.

new sermon series re: advent begun this week. prayer early wednesday mornings at the church. first one today. Holy Spirit present in power. got all blubbery at the end; excited for Jesus to return, inspired to work hard so that he will find faith in this corner of the earth when he shows up.