Sunday, December 16, 2007


well, when we arrived at church, Tom and Cathy (who just arrived back from spending a week with the Mercy Response team in New Orleans at 11 pm last night) were waiting outside the church doors to get in.   arriving shortly after them was Lynn, and then three high school students, followed by Nick, Jon, Cathy, and Sara.  seemed only fitting, since we were all there, to spend some time worshipping, so Ronni turned on the keyboard and led us in some singing.  Tom and Kim arrived midway through, and then Heather, Xander, and Matthias.

After singing for about 20 minutes, we read most of the 1st chapter of Luke while the kids ran around the sanctuary.  Then we shared prayer requests and prayed for each other, watched a video I'd prepped for the message (that we'll save for next year), and closed with a song.

All in all, 10 who hadn't gotten the message plus 7 of us who were there just in case.  Not to mention Jesus, who most certainly wasn't kept away by the storm. 

Here's a couple of pictures (the iPhone doesn't take great shots in low light) from before some of the late comers arrived.




Anonymous said...

i should have joined you guys...amy got the message to me, but i thought about wondering over there anyway....coulda, woulda, shoulda, oh well! glad you all enjoyed yourselves...oh yeah,do i need to anything with the kettle? thanks!

Anonymous said...

let that be a lesson for next time church is cancelled! just kidding - we weren't expecting anyone ourselves, really.

Robert took the kettle back, I think, so it should be all set. We had a great time...a ton of people donated, one family on the way in and then again on the way out! Great job proposing the idea and then making it happen; it was really cool to be a part of.