Saturday, May 31, 2008

Micah Timothy Wilson

what a whirlwind!  speeding to the hospital with Ronni and Eva (good friend and birthing helper), honking at cars inconsiderately in the way until they gave way, watching lights turn green almost on command, and ignoring the ones that didn't, arriving 6:36 p.m. to a waiting wheelchair and team of nurses who whisked us upstairs into a prepped labor and delivery room. 
Ronni - simply phenomenal amidst the hubbub and intensity of the moment. grace under pressure until Micah arrived at 6:54p.m.   wow.  that was fast.  wow.  a holy moment; he's amazing.  we're overwhelmed, thankful, still taking him and it all in. 
all is well, and all are well.  well, well, well. thanks for the many prayers and the many helpers helping in so many ways.
1:24 a.m., and I'm hitting the sack.  Don Bromley from the Ann Arbor Vineyard is preaching at church in the morning, so I can rest easy.

go time

well, the time has come.  we're off to the hospital.  yeah!

Friday, May 30, 2008

holding pattern

image for those of you wondering about the status of our newest son's arrival, nothing significant to report yet.  we're still at home, waiting.  progress is definitely being made by the labor Ronni is doing.   she saw the doctor today and he says all the lights are green and all the signs are still pointing one way.  4 and 1 for those in the know.   could be today.  could be tomorrow. could be the next. 

we feel a little like an airplane that's nearly arrived at it's destination but hasn't been given landing clearance, so we're just circling the airport in a holding pattern.

using up fuel.  passengers getting antsy. 

on the other hand, we've got no connecting flights to catch, and there's plenty of free peanuts and apple juice (this is one of those flights in the old days when you didn't have to pay extra for the goodies).

both Colin and Elle were born on Saturdays, if I remember rightly.  maybe this one got the memo, too.

in the meantime, I'm just trying to orient my otherwise focused brain to write a sermon that I probably won't be preaching this weekend.  or maybe I will.  what do I know?

I like "the cry of the church" from the midday office of prayers today.  an invitation for an even longer awaited one to come:

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


well, Jesus Brand Spirituality (my dad's new book) is on the bookshelves today, and seems to be making a bit of a splash.  here's a couple of early reviews that might whet your appetite:

Anne Jackson's blog,

Hearts and Minds "more than a bookstore"

David Crumm's Read the Spirit

this weekend, my sisters Judy and Amy and my brother-in-law Ben were in town for the book release party.  we got to hang out on friday night, which was much fun, and simultaneously encourage and embarrass Dad on sunday at the book release party, which was fun as well.

it's funny, I never realized what a privilege it is to have parents that I'm so dang proud of.  by the grace of God, may I be that kind of dad to my own kids. 

oh and speaking of kids, I just got a call from Ronni indicating that the third one may be wanting to make his presence and personality known to the world here very shortly... I'd better stop blogging now.  stay tuned.