Friday, July 7, 2006

wonder, part 11

Ronni and i were married 11 years ago today, in rockwood, mi. my dad performed the ceremony, and in his nervousness (which is funny, come to think of it, because i don't ever recall seeing him nervous before or since) forgot the whole "you may now kiss the bride part" and tried to send us off for the recessional. as the music began to play and people began to cheer, i turned around to him and asked, "don't i get to kiss her?" we all had a good laugh, Dad delivered the forgotten lines, and the rest is becoming history...

in honor of our 11th anniversary, and in light of the previous post, here's a poem i wrote for my bride a couple of years ago. it's entitled wonder. doesn't do her justice, not even close. nonetheless, here it is.

like a harvest moon
hanging in the heavens
filling my view

or a bright sunrise
interrupting the clouds
dancing on the rain

you’re more than anyone expects
most of all me


Anonymous said...

Happy Elventyth Anniversary Jesse & Ronni!

Anonymous said...

thanks, m@ark! we're going out on Wednesday to celebrate (my sister Amy is watching the kids for us).