Saturday, July 1, 2006

this past week, part 2

picking up from the previous post...

wednesday was filled with meetings, and i had my first workout at the rec center in at least a month. that felt good, for sure. went to my sister Grace's ballet recital in the evening, with Ronni, Colin, and Elle. she was awesome, as usual. didn't get to catch her afterwards, as she had to jet (literally) to Virginia Beach for the Nationals Field Hockey tournament. my mom sent this picture from her match today (Grace is the one slicing up the middle of the field, leaving frustrated defenders in her wake):

more meetings at church on thursday, followed by some study of Ephesians for the summer of love message series at church. thursday evening we went over to the Brennan's for dinner, where we hung out with Rich, Andrea, Conner, and Haylie, and we met Vladimir, Sarah, and their daughter Dasha (sp?). Vladimir is from Khazakstan, so it was fascinating talking with him about his homeland and his experiences here. we had a great time, and left Colin there for a sleepover with Conner. it was strange to be at home with only Ronni and Elle. Ronni and I realized some portion of every day will be like that come next fall, when Colin starts kindergarden.

friday worked on writing the sermon for the sunday, and went to see Superman Returns in IMAX 3D with Phil, Don, and John. thoroughly enjoyable film, especially the 3d parts. sometimes i think to myself, how lucky am i to be alive in 2006? speaking of 2006, Phil and I played two epic FIFA World Cup 2006 matches between China and Germany after the movie over xbox live. both went into penalty kicks, one won by me, one by Phil. what a great piece of software that is.

saturday, finished up the semon and put the multimedia together in the morning. installed some motion sensor porch lights in the early afternoon, and went to Phil's birthday party in the evening, where we had much fun socializing, watching world cup soccer, and playing more FIFA World Cup. Set everything up at church for the morning, and now here i am typing...

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Anonymous said...

thx jesse. we did need to do a little more slicing than we did do, darn. see you next week.
love ya,