Sunday, July 2, 2006

anzubetvergnügen, frappucinovergnügen, foosballvergnügen

the title of this post, loosely constructed in German, loosely tranlated: the joy of worship, the joy of frappucinos and the joy of foosball (remember Volkswagon's fahrvergnügen ad campaign, meaning the joy of driving?)

the worship team was kickin' it today at church - feel so lucky to get to go to church with great musicians. Ronni took the chorus of the opening song, "come, now is the time to worship" and spliced it into the end of the opening set - "come, just as you are... come, just as you are..." over and over, transforming a lyric that in the original context is an exhortation for us to come to God's presence just as we are, into an invitation to God to dwell among us just as he is (not that he'd ever come any other way). beautiful.

after church i watched the kids (they were napping most of the time, so don't give me too much credit) while Ronni went and hung out at Starbucks for a while. she returned with a carmel frappucino for me, and a ping pong game for the 360. what a deal, eh? beautiful.

this evening, my dad came over, along with a cool guy named D. (short for Devonathon) who'd needed a place to stay for the weekend (which worked out well at my parents this weekend, since my mom and Grace are in Virginia Beech). D. and my dad helped me build the foosball table Ronni and the kids got me for father's day a couple of weeks ago. we did everything wrong, twice, and it took three times as long as it should have, but we miraculously remained in good spirits throughout the ordeal, and ended up being able to get a few games in before calling it a night. just a couple of less consequential pieces are missing, so i'll call the manufacturer tomorrow, and hopefully they'll ship them out to me.

looking forward to playing with some of my friends (and Colin as he grows) in the days and weeks to come. maybe someday i'll get good enough to beat my Uncle Kit. in my 35 years of life, i've never beat him singlehandedly, and almost never 2 on 1. even if i don't get substantially better, i'm figuring his reflexes will have to slow down when he hits 100 or so, and then i'll have a chance. not that my 85 year old reflexes will be much better than his at that point. gives me something to shoot for, though.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you looking foward losing to Grace. lol. No really we have to play the next time i come over to your house.
love ya