Saturday, May 14, 2005

vertigo in chicago

thoroughly enjoyed myself at the U2 show in chicago on Monday. my dad (53), my sister Grace (12), and I (34) must have been quite the odd triplet to observe as we entered the United Center. each of us as excited as the others for the show to start, even if we showed it in different ways. my dad offering conjectures about what method lies behind the particular madness that is U2. Grace trembling, bouncing, quivering with awe and anticipation. me dribbling out bits of trivia about the shows so far on the tour picked up from scouring various fan sites, burning the sequence of songs that comprised my best guess as to the set list that night for us to listen to on the 4 1/2 hour drive into the very windy city.

met up with Cathy Bartholomay, her brother Eddie, and Rachel Smallish once we got in there. i sat with them for the bulk of the show, as my membership only allowed me to get two pre-sale seats, which Dad and Grace used (didn't mind them having the prime real estate, since Ronni and i have floor tickets for the Detroit show in october). Eddie was almost as wired as Grace, i think. which added to the fun, because he's got the kind of energy that's contagious.

what a sweet experience, as Cathy said in an email later. here's a link to a review of the show we saw, if you're interested in the blow by blow details. two highlights for me: (1) singing elevation, Bono holds the mic out to the crowd, and 23,000 people sing the word "soul" in unison. had a witness, as they like to say in more spirited churches. sensed the Holy Spirit's presence and the Father's delight as we like to say in ours. "God walked through the room," as U2 like to say. (2) as the concert closed with "Yahweh" and "40", had the wonderful joy of freely worshipping Jesus with a bunch of human beings whose souls were likely making intentional (if surprising) conscious contact with the living God for the first time, and who had probably entered the arena with no such intentions.

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