Thursday, May 5, 2005

thursday update

conference continues to be excellent. all about God's mission in the world today. paradigm shifting kinds of stuff. pastors in africa praying for God to stop sending converts because they can't handle all the new believers. arch bishops close to resigning because of being overwhelmed at the number of new churches they have to dedicate. last century, africa went from 10% christians to 46%; something like 10 million students of Jesus to 390 million today. christianity and islam competing to care for the sick and feed the hungry, leading to Philip Jenkin's line of the day: "Truthfully, it's an alms race. May the best religion win." amen to that.

hoping to get DVD's of several of the main sessions, and find a way to watch them together with all the leaders in the church. see how we can respond together to what God is up to in the Vineyard movement, in the church at large, in the world. very encouraged by what i'm seeing and hearing. finding myself so thankful to be part of this tribe, Vineyard. thankful to be associated with so many leaders humbly, passionately, head over heals in love with Jesus and eager to risk everything for his kingdom.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse did you get the DVD of Bert's closing session? Had to leave early and heard it was good. I'd love to come over and watch it sometime if you did! :)

It was great seeing you, Ronnie, and Elle last week too!