Thursday, May 26, 2005

trying not to let it go to my head

after a grueling campaign, full of handshaking, babykissing, and more mudslinging than i'd care to admit, the members of the milan ministerial association elected me to serve as president this year. i'm sure most of the votes were a result of the new first lady's off the charts approval rating, but i'll take what i can get, especially since there appeared to to be nothing i could do to get out of it. not sure exactly what all the duties are yet (still have to sit down with Dale, who served with distinction for the last couple of years, and go through all the national secrets, have the official transfer of vestments, hand over the keys to the popemobile, etc.), but i'm genuinely excited to have an excuse to more intentionally support and encourage the pastors in this community. have to pray about the best way to do that, being a relative newcomer and all. we've got a great group of servants in the association, pastors who really love Jesus, who care about his kingdom and his people above everything else.

unrelated note: Colin's got strep throat and an ear infection, although, amazingly, is in as good a mood as always, and taking his medications like a champ. i'm pretty under the weather too, but the doctor cleared me of strep today and gave me several prescriptions to battle this nasty bug. defcon 1, 2, and 3 he called them. up to defcon 2 tonight; defcon 3 is for saturday if things still haven't turned around and i need something to get me through sunday. have i mentioned Dr. Scuccimari before? one of the best healers i know.

related note: my dad was president of the mma, too. sort of a GHWB - GWB thing going on, i reck'n. not sure that's entirely flattering to either of us, depending on your particular persuasions, so maybe i shouldn't have brought it up. but then again, better to get it out in the open before someone writes an op-ed piece...


Anonymous said...

congrats! i trust that your administration will be an illustrious one... and that you'll not let yourself be too controlled by the Milan special-interest groups. long live the president!

Anonymous said...

wow - now we have to move to milan, you are famous and we know you. this could be quite important someday for something.