Friday, April 29, 2005

zap zone

played laser tag with the church's middle school students tonight at Zap Zone in Ann Arbor. very fun. held my own, too. played some air hockey and arcade games, as well. stayed far away from the dance-dance-revolution or whatever it's called, though. didn't want to embarrass my family or my church.

drove one of the guys home afterwards, and really enjoyed getting to know him. what a sharp mind! asked him what he's reading--turns out he's reading C.S. Lewis's "the Great Divorce". chatted about his family, and asked him what he thought of his step dad. he replied, "he's a really impressive man. really impressive." when i asked him why, he told me his step dad was the first person to teach him about ethics, to help him develop his "moral compass". wow. in eighth grade, i would have been lucky to know how a magnetic compass worked, let alone one of those moral ones.

Pistons got beat tonight, alas. Philly's shooting was off the hook, what can you do? doubt they can keep it up, so i'm not too concerned at this point. much fun to watch Iverson do his thing, and Ben Wallace, too. loved when he drew the charge one on one with Iverson in the front court. don't laugh, but i actually found it inspiring. o.k., you can laugh. i'd laugh, if it weren't me.

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Anonymous said...

have fun!
don't worry, I didn't laugh,

-g r a c e