Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Ronni seems to be on the mend, praise God. like the feel of the air after a storm, the scent of wet ground, the growing translucence of the clouds, the sweet sound of drips and chirping and the occaisional rustling of leaves making harmony together. of course, there is still the assorted lawn furniture and downed branches to pick up, maybe some leaks to fix, but hey, rain is good for growing things right?

on an unrelated note, great post on u2 at 21st Century Reformation (scroll down to friday, april 8th's post). have tickets to see them in Chicago with my dad in May, and in Detroit with Ronni in October.

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Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see them in october... they are truly an awesome concert band (even though i've only seen maybe 7 other bands in concert, so don't have a lot to compare to)... still, i can't imagine it being much better.