Thursday, April 7, 2005

learning curve, part 2

so far...

1. ronni's job is harder than mine. what she handles with such grace, i stumble through at a snail's pace.

2. going to the bathroom at one's leisure (when there are small children to be cared for) is a luxury that seems to be afforded only to those with nannies. i will never take newsweek for granted again.

3. we are very well loved. i knew this, of course, but i knower it now. ER doctors (plural!) calling to check in. family helping, offering to help, praying, calling, even sending cash to cover extra expenses (a check arrived today, covering all of Ronni's missed piano lessons, our ER bills, and prescription costs to date). church family taking Colin during the day (Kim two days in a row, Amy today, and others scheduled for the next week), helping out at night, too (Jon tuesday night, Roger & Danni last night, Heather tonight and others on and on), and making meals, praying, sending cards, etc.

4. fish need food and plants need water. somehow i missed out on all that behind the scenes stuff. life needs care and attention to continue; i suppose that's half the lesson. God's giving us what we need every day, no fail; i suppose that's more than all the rest.

sticking with me from today's vespers office, like those gooey spider things you throw against the wall and watch them walk down, leaving an invisible trail:

(the refrain) surely, there is a reward for the righteous; surely, there is a God who rules in the earth. -psalm 58:11

(the cry of the church) o God, come to my assistance! o Lord, make haste to help me!

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Anonymous said...

you know, we can't all be domestic divas! ronni can take consolation in the fact that she is quite necessary to the functioning of your home and family. (smile)