Monday, May 3, 2004

good news

on saturday we told Colin the news that we'd received confirmation on those important developments i mentioned a few posts ago. it went something like this: "Colin, we've got some big news. there's going to be a new baby in our family around christmas...(embarrased smile)'re going to be a big brother soon like Noah across the street...(smile changing to excitement)'s tummy is going to get bigger and bigger, and then your little brother or sister will be here...what do you think?" by now, Colin is rolling around on the floor, tyring to bury a sheepish grin in the carpet. a little later in the day he announces to a neighbor that "mom is going to have a baby shark". it's going to be fun seeing how he processes all this.

spent some time with my family yesterday after church. they came over to celebrate my sister Judy's birthday. she's was in town from NY, NY where she is teaching at powell middle school, the lowest performing school in harlem. part of the teach for america program she's participating in. we had a blast together; much laughter and love.

heading off with Ronni to cincinnati tomorrow for the vineyard regional leaders conference. should be great; i'll give a report later this week or early next. looking forward to catching up with old friends, worshipping without being concerned about the practicalities of leading a service, fixing my eyes on Jesus and his kingdom for a few days, even just hanging out with Ronni for a bit. leading a workshop with Don Bromley from the ann arbor vineyard entitled "how to be a great staff pastor". we lobbied hard for the title "how to be a decent staff pastor" but the organizers figured no one would be interested in that. alas.

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