Tuesday, May 18, 2004

good day

i'm glad for days like today once in a while. nothing special in particular, but i find myself thankful to God for lots of good gifts as the day comes to a close. my wife is awesome; i can tell she really loves me and she really is happy with her lot in life. that's cool. our son is sleeping peacefully, and his peace gives me an indescribable joy. i met with another pastor today who is facing unfamiliar challenges with grace and faithfulness. i came away from the meeting both admiring her faithful service to Christ and at the same time extraordinarily glad for the incredible church God has placed me in. our board met tonight, and i realized how much i take for granted the opportunity to pursue and participate in Jesus' kingdom along with others as passionate for Jesus as i am (and moreso, even!). each person on our board cares nothing for himself, and everything for Christ. count me blessed.

oh, and i got to redesign our bulletin today. how cool to have a job that i get to do fun stuff like that from time to time, stuff that i can look at and hold and show off to patient people who take the time to appreciate the insignificant things that get me excited.

anyway, God's good and i've barely scratched the surface. the trick will be remembering this truth when i'm being tested. ah, well, i suppose that's what testing is for.

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