Tuesday, April 6, 2004

good stuff

sunday was a really enjoyable day, despite the time change. tyrone made a visit to the milan vineyard this morning...he loves to worship Christ, and it's contagious. saw him kneeling during one of the songs, and thought it might be a good idea to do the same. really experienced a longing for Jesus to return while on my knees, and tears started streaming down my face. haven't been moved to tears by that particular longing ever in my life. glad to discover it in my heart.

gave an invitation for people to embrace Christ as King of their lives after the sermon. asked people who wanted to respond to stand...first time I've used that particular invitation style. no takers. glad in a way. a pastor I respect once told me that if you never go fishing unsuccessfully, you're not fishing enough. either that, or I have to learn a lot about fishing. either way, didn't find myself discouraged in the least. sad to miss out on the joy of seeing people meet Jesus for the first time, but not discouraged.

after church took my dad out for a "boss appreciation day." for 7 years, or maybe longer, my dad was my boss. as long as I've been in full time service to the church, until novemeber when the milan and ann arbor vineyards multiplied, he's been my only supervisor. truthfully, nearly everything I've learned about pastoring I've learned from him, and learned because he's given me the opportunity. because of all the busyness of becoming two churches, I never had the chance to just say thanks in a practical way. our original plans of going to the piston' s game fell through, because the game got moved up to 1:00 p.m. so we went to damon's ribs, watched the game and ate a lot of food. the pistons romped over indiana--very satisfying. went to coldstone for some ice cream. amazingly good stuff. then went to see Secret Window...middling movie, didn't find ourselves attached to the characters. nonetheless, we had a great time.

meanwhile, Ronni and her sister went to see Bill Cosby perform in Toledo. I'd gotten her tickets for her birthday and valentine's day. seemed like they had a great time, too.

all in all, fantastic day.

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