Sunday, April 11, 2004


celebrating easter. baptising six new followers of Christ, all of whom bear witness to God's astounding love. dedicating an infant girl who is blessed with a fantastic family and a loving church. worshipping with a passionate church led by humble, extraordinarily gifted musicians. surprising ronni with a simple gift that brought tears to her eyes. seeing colin enjoying life thoroughly. feasting with my family on a succulent meal prepared by my brother in law. discovering some great new music. heaven's got a lot to live up to after a day like this one.

not that there isn't room for improvement, of course: gave two invitations in a row now without anyone indicating they wanted to surrender their lives to Jesus. the red wings fought hard and lost. didn't get to see ronni's family this easter (rotating holidays thing to preserve our sanity). ronni's feeling under the weather tonight--she gave her all over the last week and i think her body decided it needed to shut down for a bit.

ah well, Jesus is alive. he'll take care of all that needs taking care of :) just very, very glad he lets me play, too.

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