Tuesday, February 5, 2008

preach it, big brother

a big week for our son Colin. 

on Friday, he wrote his first sermon.  it was snow day, so he spent a good chunk of the day learning how to use microsoft word.  various things kept spitting out of the printer as I worked on my sermon upstairs in my home office. "I Love You Mom and Dad."  spit.  "I Love You Elle." spit.  and so on.  He didn't tell me until he'd finished, but apparently he decided since I was working on a sermon, he'd write one too.  He's at that age, you know.

Here's what he wrote. Page 1 (spacing and spelling as authored):

There    is    no    one    like    him


Jesus      ctrist        my   Lord.      And          for

ever       and        ever.         And      for     give

us        as      we       for      give      those    ho

Sin   ugenst    us

Page 2:



couldn't have said it better myself.

then, he found out yesterday that his newest sibling is a boy, making Colin the first paternal line male Wilson (i.e., son of a Wilson son, if that makes any sense) in several generations to have a brother.  My grandfather had no brothers, my dad has two sisters, and I have four sisters.  Not to mention the fact that neither Ronni nor my mom has any brothers, either. 

Needless to say, Colin is thrilled with the idea of having a little brother. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the historical context, of course.  Must be a hardwired desire in boys.  I know I sure had it.  Even though now I'm thrilled to have so many sisters.  Do girls have a similar desire, I wonder?  I can't imagine why not.  Weigh in in the comments, if you don't have a y chromosome.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the baby boy! how exciting...colin is too precious...i bet it is so fun to watch him grow up :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, i have always wanted to have brother and or a sister within like 5 years of my age, but that obviously is a little too much to ask for....
grace marilyn

Anonymous said...

Love the sermon---always felt like short and to the point is a good way to go :)
Also, I always wanted a little brother, having a big brother is nice too.

Anonymous said...

Colin is a blessing to everyone who encounters him. One extraordinary soul!

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAY! A boy! Congratulations Wilsons!

I had both sisters and a brother, so I can't say for sure. I think a lot of times little girls don't care too much since all babies are "babies." : ) Little boys usually want someone they can rough and tumble with, right?