Monday, February 25, 2008

morning fog

made it in around dinner time last night, and went down to the French Quarter to eat some cajun and listen to "Steamboat Willie", a jazz trio with trumpet, bass, and keys.

fell asleep here in the tent to the symphonic sounds of snoring, showered up this morning, and heading off to breakfast. more later...

Oh, and yes, Steve, we're at the Kenner Vineyard, helping with Vineyard's Mercy Response. A great crew, and a great church.

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Anonymous said...

ah, the tent. y'know, when we were there last October, it went cool and stormy on us...and while i am typically not a big dreamer...i had some of the most vivid, life-giving, terribly-gut-wrenching dreams i have probably ever had, all that week sleeping in that same tent...

i pray your catalysts discover and trigger the kingdom come in the big easy

peace my man