Saturday, October 8, 2005


drove Ronni and the kids down to Milan this morning to pick up our van from the repair shop for the 3rd time in the last two weeks. this one was on the house, as apparently the last repair didn't take.

we finally won a basketball game today, in overtime no less. hard fought contest, dramatic ending. Gordon, Hartman, Bartholomay, Landingham, Brennan, and Sheilds were clutch. Gordon, especially, was a monster in the overtime period. Eric hurt his shoulder at the end of the first half - hard foul/tackle - and had to leave. hope he's alright. prayed for him. still waiting for an instant healing on the court. on my "before i die" list. wasn't expecting to play because of my ankle, but brought my uniform and shoes along just in case. saw a few minutes of action in the second half, after Eric had to leave, mainly to give some tired players a quick rest. wasn't too much of a liability, thankfully. felt really good to get out on the court after a game and a half layoff.

8 of us or so went out later in the afternoon to repair roofs at a modular home community in town. fixed up 5 or 6 roofs. really seemed to make an impression on the families we served. had a great time doing it together. what a remarkable group of people - hard workers, compassionate, giving, fun loving, eager to serve. the kind of experience that makes you feel lucky to be a part of a church.

feeling pretty under the weather tonight. praying to be well for a busy day tomorrow.

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