Friday, October 28, 2005

in brief

fantastic fall free-for-all on saturday (over 400 attendees, great weather, much fun, the whole 9 yards). baptisms on sunday. U2 on monday (cheapest tickets in the arena landed me front row, inside the ellipse, hand to hand contact with Bono, the whole 9 yards). closed on our new house wednesday (45 minutes, smooth as double churned butter). prepping the house this week, moving in on sunday after church. there is no way in heaven's name i deserve a "maker's 7" week like this (think: baker's dozen = 14, maker's 7 = 8 ... i don't know; maybe it'll catch on). but i'm gladly receiving it. oh, and a right turn on red in a no right turn on red ticket just to keep me from thinking i'm above the law.

must go to Lowes. must write much much more, especially about U2 concert. must find some time next week, assuming internet connection gets turned on, computer set up, etc.


Anonymous said...


Glad you found the stereo on Sunday. You've gotten moving into our blood, though. We're constantly surfing the web for light fixtures and window treatments and the like. Glad you're in!

Anonymous said...

ummmmm - think its time for a new post

Anonymous said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
Too busy for a new blog though I see

Anonymous said...

New post already!