Saturday, March 12, 2005


second saturday today - cleaned toilets downtown. 3 new businesses that i hadn't gotten to yet. no one turned me down. happy about that. none of the bathrooms were in terrible shape. mixed feelings about that.

would've been nice to serve alongside some other people, though. you know, equip the saints and all that. got to figure out a better way to invite others along (better than announcing it and posting it on the web and in the bulletin). now that i think about it, figure out is the wrong phrase. more accurate to say, got to do a better job inviting others along. personal invites, vision casting (see "cool God story" post at donnell's blog), etc. an easier access project like handing out cold soft drinks this summer won't hurt, either, i'm sure.

maybe it's just me, but i genuinely enjoy this kind of outreach. probably the extrovert in me. wonder if the small town dynamic makes it awkward for people? washing the toilets of strangers is one thing, but being recognized as you walk along the sidewalk, cleaning tools in hand might be another thing altogether. good for the soul is what it is, if you ask me.

anyway, had a great time. how lucky am i to get to do this kind of stuff for a living?


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that no one joined you. I've never done any of this type outreach. It's time I joined you. I'm thinking that it would be good for me and some of our youth to help the next time you do this. Sort of pre-SOS training. I'll talk to you more about this soon.


Anonymous said...

so it was all by yourself???

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,
On the staff page it just says Colin not Elle on it.
Telle Ronni,Colin and Elle I said hi.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Steven Hamilton here, my youngest is under the weather, so I was sitting here catching up on your blogging...I got an idea. You should havbe someone film you as you do it, and then show it before the assembly to the tune of Faith No More, We Care A Lot, 'cause it's a dirty job, but someone's got do it...we care a lot! blessings bro

Anonymous said...

manny b: sounds great, let's do it in May then.

grace: fixed!

Steve: you crack me up...great idea! and great to hear from you. you remain in my prayers often.