Saturday, March 26, 2005

easter eve

whew, busy week. like the calm before the rainshower tonight, the sort where you can smell the ozone, the air pregnant with the promise of wet. sermon notes and multimedia presentation are completed, uploaded, printed, etc. looking forward to breakfasting and worshipping with the church. looking forward to preaching. looking forward to the baptisms. looking forward to the second coming...

while driving home from our basketball game this morning (which we won; so good of you to inquire), the song "to Zion" by Lauryn Hill came on my shuffle. what a great song, i'm thinking (pretty much every song sounds great after a win). this would be a good one to do a powerpoint video/lyric thing with, i'm thinking. then the chorus hits, and i'm weeping. suddenly, no warning, sobs, the whole nine yards (isn't there a liquid equivalent to that expression?). surprised, as i always am, at the realization that to some part of my soul, some part that every other part reports to, Jesus really is everything. two thoughts, dancing? fighting? in my mind as i'm trying to avoid ditches and other cars. thought one: what's wrong with me? thought two: man, i sure hope this is what's right with me.

anyway, gonna chip away at a video for this song over the next few weeks. looking forward to finding out what it'll be for. maybe just for me. maybe just for Jesus. maybe something else.

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