Wednesday, December 15, 2004

good news

backing up a little: one of Elle's earlier blood tests had returned a red flag for biotinidase deficiency, a potentially life threatening (but treatable) genetic disorder. got news this afternoon that a subsequent, and much more accurate test, came back completely normal. good news indeed.

it's funny, when i heard the earlier news, i had a strong feeling that it was a false alarm. nonetheless, as the week of waiting passed, i still found myself anxious--mainly about all sorts of other fears: SIDS, car accidents, etc. what's up with that?

Jesus is good; that much i know. In this life, i will have trouble; that much i also know. fortunately the former trumps the latter, but life sure is messier (more organic?) than logic most of the time. relationship is proving both more flexible and stronger than reason.

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