Thursday, December 23, 2004

are titles really necessary?

got to use our new snowblower for the first time today.

our next door neighbor, sort of the alpha male of the neighborhood, moved away this fall. he always used to snowblow our driveway for us, making me feel both grateful to not have to break my back and somewhat gender diminished at the same time.

so after he moved, and a young married couple moved in to his house, i figured it was time to step up. the way i had it worked out, i was going to be the neighborhood hero, snowblowing for all the widows and pregnant women and girly men without snowblowers.

of course, just about every other man in the neighborhood bought a snowblower this winter, too, but probably for better reasons. upon waking and showering this morning, eager to redeem my manhood, what should i discover but my neighbor from across the street snowblowing my driveway (thanks Shawn!). what to be done? thankfully, the young couple next door still had a snowcovered driveway. needless to say, they now have a clear driveway, thanks to my ego issues. oh, and to top it off, they're expecting a baby this spring. cha-ching.


Anonymous said...

Jesse, very funny post, at first I thought you were just joking, and then I realized you weren't. :-) It was great spending sometime with you yesterday in Ann Arbor. Blessings! -DW

Anonymous said...

alas, if only i had been joking! poking fun at myself, certainly...but joking? i guess the joke is on me. or is the joke me? hmmm, too fine a line to tell, i suppose!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a snowblower, but it soudsn like fun. I'd get one if we had any snow worth speaking of here in the UK!

Cheers - Steve