Friday, July 30, 2004 does a body good?

on the off chance you remember our concerns about our cat aslan, i have some interesting news. he'd been throwing up daily, and we were sure we'd return from vacation to find a house full of cat puke, as we couldn't bring ourselves to ask our neighbor to clean it up each day. but upon arriving home, not a single bit of upchuck to be found. in fact, aslan was lithely moving around like he was several years younger. our brains began whirring (no, not literally) to figure out what had happened.

after a longer period of time than i care to admit, it dawned on us. milk is what had happened, or more precisely, not happened. while we were away, there were no cereal bowls on the counter with leftover milk for him to drink. no milk = happy cat who may actually have a few more years left in him.


no, just kidding. i actually have a soft spot in my heart for that cat, even if i have trouble finding it from time to time.


Anonymous said...

Thats good!

Anonymous said...

wow, a few more years left! that's awesome... no, seriously, i'm glad... no fun to lose a cat, as I know all too well.

sounds like lactose intolerance! i'm surprised Aslan wasn't farting up a storm to boot! or maybe he was, but you were getting blamed for it... man.

Anonymous said...

Can't that can't drink milk?
What's next, dogs that can't eat meat?
Man what is this world coming to!