Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Daniel & Johannes

got to catch up with two friends recently.

on monday, Daniel came over to the house and we spent some time playing with Colin and playing computer games. much fun. Daniel just finished directing a summer camp for middle school guys. sounds like God continues to be up to great stuff. love hearing tales of God at work. love hanging out a friend who knows me so well it's not even tempting to put on a mask around him. sort of how when you get married, at first you're trying to wake up early and brush your teeth and get dressed and all that just so your new bride doesn't realize what a horrible mistake she's made in marrying a morning monster. then eventually, you realize that even if she realizes she's made a big mistake, there's not a whole lot she or you can do about it anyway.

tonight, got to spend some time with Johannes, a friend I met when we were 10-12 years old. we see each other every 5-10 years, but it always feels like no time has passed. he didn't realize we had a son until he arrived this evening. i really need to get better at keeping in touch. case in point: my sister Maja called while he was here, and i realized i hadn't told her we were having another baby.

Johannes loves Jesus, is married, running a company, and just became a dad 7 weeks ago. hopefully, he'll be able to come to church on sunday. sweet to pray with him before he left tonight. i'm jealous because he gets to drive his car 170 mph to work every day on the autobahn. my prism would literally fall apart at those speeds, and would only achieve them, i'm sure, if falling from an airplane.

a bit rambling, this post is (sounds like yoda, eh?). oh well, i'm a little tired.

happy anniversary, Sunshine. 9 years and it still hasn't really sunk in.


Anonymous said...

happy annniversary yesterday!
Sorry we kinda told Maja before you did...

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! wow, only one more year until the 10th! that's awesome

Anonymous said...

many thanks on the happy aniversaries. actually, the date is today (the 8th), but when i started composing the post, it was still the seventh. when i typed the anniversary bit, it was past midnight. for some reason the post time is based on creating the post, not posting it