Wednesday, May 28, 2008


well, Jesus Brand Spirituality (my dad's new book) is on the bookshelves today, and seems to be making a bit of a splash.  here's a couple of early reviews that might whet your appetite:

Anne Jackson's blog,

Hearts and Minds "more than a bookstore"

David Crumm's Read the Spirit

this weekend, my sisters Judy and Amy and my brother-in-law Ben were in town for the book release party.  we got to hang out on friday night, which was much fun, and simultaneously encourage and embarrass Dad on sunday at the book release party, which was fun as well.

it's funny, I never realized what a privilege it is to have parents that I'm so dang proud of.  by the grace of God, may I be that kind of dad to my own kids. 

oh and speaking of kids, I just got a call from Ronni indicating that the third one may be wanting to make his presence and personality known to the world here very shortly... I'd better stop blogging now.  stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

i need some new baby info! any progress!?!?! also, i really am here to help, let me know what i can do, not only do i live near by, i work at St. Joes you know, take advantage of my help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen! Ronni's trying to get some sleep right now to rest up for whenever go time is - contractions seem to have slowed a bit tonight. If we go in to St. Jo's tomorrow, I'll try to put up a quick blog post or something. At the very least, we'll get word to the Lozens. Feel free to track us down at the hospital if you're on duty!