Wednesday, November 21, 2007

date night

had a great date with Ronni last night.  her grandmother (grand Virginia Wulff, Ronni's dad's mom) passed away on Monday afternoon, and that's been kind of heavy on her heart, so it was nice to just spend some time together, the two of us.  Amanda watched the kids for us while we buzzed around the south eastern Ann Arbor area.

went to Wendy's to eat (love that value menu), where we stood in line next to someone who works at the Milan post office.  Chad, if I remember right.  (Wendy's has got to put their drink machines out so that the employees don't have to do all the refills.  get with it already, Wendy's!)

stopped by Lowes to get some light bulbs - we've had a ridiculous number of burned out bulbs in the last week.  while browsing for bulbs, ran into someone we know from church who we hadn't seen in months - what a wonderfully God-arranged encounter.

went to Starbuck's to grab a drink and chat for a while.  had a fun conversation about this year's "Bachelor" show.  looked up and saw Hannah Metler ordering a drink - she was a student when we served the church as youth leaders, and now is all grown up, has a place of her own and everything.  she's responsible for the website.  way to go Hannah!

funny, three places, three very different but enjoyable encounters.  not to mention a sweet time together.  none of it planned, really, all of it sort of spontaneous.  kind of cool when life works that way. 

oh, and did I mention we're expecting a new birth (number 3 for us) in June?  thanks, God.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! A new baby on the way, that is so exciting. I can only imagine the joy in your hearts as you await this new and wonderful gift. We will be praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

Please also pray for us, as we are trying to conceive again as well. It took quite some time last needing some peace to rest and trust in His timing.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you made the "announcement" when you were talking at church on Sunday, I couldnt handle the suspense. You were telling that story and i really didnt think you were going to say anything, i couldnt take it! so thanks, for relieving my anxiety :) Really though, We are so happy for you all!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Jessica and Jen! Jessica, happily praying for you. We'll never forget the Lord's against-all-expectations miracle with Ava, and look forward to the next. And Jen, you're welcome :) It's funny, Ronni had suggested I should, but I wasn't going to (couldn't find a natural way to fit it in), but found a way last second.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! that is way awesome...more wilson in the world is a very good thing!



Anonymous said...

oh, i forgot to mention my one piece of on your zone defense, once they out number you, you can't play man-to-man anymore...

chaundra and i are still working on the zone defense...


Anonymous said...

Felicidades! I'm so happy and can't wait to meet the newest Wilson! Too bad that probably won't be for a long time after he/she is born, but all the same...Africa greets you and says congratulations :)
Would love to hear from you and Ronni, could I get her e-mail address from you? I used to have it, but I want to be sure of what it is...or is it on the website?

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, thanks for the congrats and the tip! Been enjoying your blog, too...just too lazy to comment :) great stuff on vocation recently.

And Rachel, check your email! Great to hear from you; you're in my prayers! And hey, I just noticed you're blogging occasionally again...I'll put you in my rss feed and keep an eye out for news from Ghana. :)

Anonymous said...

I would be honored to be in your blogroll/rss feed-thing :)