Wednesday, July 11, 2007

kindness is eternal

while trying to brainstorm a servant outreach project for August, I came across this article by Steve Sjogren, entitled "Kindness is Eternal." great quick read - especially recommended if you took part in the parade water giveaway we did last Thursday, or if you're planning to take part on Saturday (1:14 p.m. kickoff at the church office, if you're interested - we'll be going downtown to give away drinks as a practical expression of God's love).

the outreach last week was a blast. there's not much hyperbole involved in saying there are very few experiences in life that can compare with joining others in extending God's grace through simple acts of kindness. we made a quick video about the experience; maybe I can find a way to shrink it down for web viewing and post it on the blog.

celebrated 12 years of marriage to Ronni this weekend. no hyperbole at all in saying that she is the loveliest person I've ever met. we had a great getaway over Sunday night and Monday - the first time we've had a chance to do that for our anniversary since we've had kids.

my parents' anniversary is today, now that I think of it. happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary ronni and jesse! we love you guys


Anonymous said...

have fun in chicago! miss you already.

Anonymous said...

The pictures from the 95th floor turned up great! You will have to write all about your time in chicago when you get back. Say hi to Ronni for me.

Anonymous said...

new post!

Anonymous said...

any day now jesse!