Wednesday, May 10, 2006

notes from Cincy

the conference has been awesome so far. extraordinary teaching, excellent worship, great fellowship. add to that a couple of encounters with Jesus that have caused me to lose all my cool and a fair amount of snot, too, and it's been a definite winner.

i'm rooming with my friend Donnell, a pastor at the Ann Arbor Vineyard. he's finishing up prep for his message tomorrow. his talk will be the final session of the conference - i'm really looking forward to it. looking forward to the talk, i should say, not the end.

also looking forward to seeing Ronni, Colin, and Elle soon. Ronni tells me whenever she mentions my name on the phone, Elle looks around inquiringly, "Da-dy? Da-dy?" as if i might just appear around the corner. breaks one's heart, don't you know?


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Anonymous said...

ldamyJesse, thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding my talk in Cincy. Thanks for your support and help getting my talk/sermon done.