Saturday, December 17, 2005


had some free time to help out at the compassion ministry today. busy morning this week, between 120 and 150 guest families. lots of workers, though too. bunch of cub scouts came out to help. very cool watching them pull the wagons and help give out food. got to pray for a number of people, pack groceries, chat. always experience Jesus' pleasure in that context, subtle but unmistakable. maybe it's just all the love in the place.

also went with Jon and Paula to a hospital to pray for a man in a battle with cancer. was hoping for dramatic instant healing. nothing obvious that way, alas. but we were definitely meant to be there; i was overcome with what i can only describe as compassion a couple of times while we were praying. the sort of thing where i was crying, but not out of sadness or pain, but more like out of love mixed with a little anger. can't wait for Jesus' kingdom to come in fullness and do away with death and suffering altogether. in the meantime, it was inspiring to see this man and his wife facing it with such grace and faithfulness.

watched the Pistons whip the Bobcats tonight. the've been thoroughly enjoyable to watch this year. and they sure seem to be having a lot of fun too. hoping i'll get to catch some of the game on Christmas day against San Antonio, in the midst of all the festivities.


Anonymous said...

Bobcats? man, i need to start watching the NBA more... didn't even know about a team called "Bobcats". okay... i just Googled it. that's Charlotte now, eh? no more Hornets?

Anonymous said...

Were the heck is Charlotte?? Time for a new post now bro?? Pistons lost to the Jazz, there goes the streak. TTYL, Grace (-: