Friday, July 8, 2005

best decade

ten years ago today, on a sunny day in Rockwood, Michigan, Ronni and I each said "I do" to the various questions posed to us, made our vows to one another, and exchanged rings. the presiding pastor, though experienced, was apparently quite nervous, as he tried to announce us husband and wife without first letting me kiss my stunning bride. "ummm..." i whispered, turning to him, "Dad, don't I get to kiss her...?" much laughter, shuffling of papers, and blood to cheeks ensued, followed by a most satisfying kiss and the stately guitars of Europe's "Final Countdown" as we left the building to raucous applause.

phone ringing, hold on...

that was aunt denise, our realtor. offer on house just came in. below our asking price, but worth considering. hmm. very exciting. offers, counter offers, etc. will give full report in due time...

heading up north to alpena (long lake, specifically) for vacation in the morning. Mom, Dad, Grace, Amy, Ben, Ben's parents, maybe Ben's brother Nick will all be up there too. can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Kinda late but Dave and I actually thought about you guys when we were hanging out on July 8.

May God continue to bless you guys and your family.