Monday, June 20, 2005

honey stop the car!

phew! took the big plunge today and put our house on the market. met with my aunt Denise today (she's a realtor) and signed all the paperwork, took all the pictures, etc. my mom and Grace took care of Colin and Elle for us as we went out looking at houses available for sale in Milan, as well as some of the new developments under construction. Ronni and i laughed at the signs in the front yards with slogans like "i'm gorgeous inside!" or "honey, stop the car!". then we realized we'll probably have one like that in our front yard :)

why the move? space. more specifically, the need (desire, really) for more since our family has grown. another bathroom with three of us and four in the not to distant future competing for one would be great. another bedroom for Elle when she outgrows her crib, too. and if we can swing it, a room where Ronni can teach piano lessons and put her computer. figured now would be a good time to go for it, since interest rates are still so low, and as we've prayed about it gotten nothing but green lights as best as we can discern.

there's a lot we're going to miss (assuming our house sells, of course). we've got awesome neighbors that we really love. we've got a great yard, the likes of which is hard to find in the new construction areas. and this has been a really happy house for us. bright and open, trouble free, with lots of unforgettable experiences taking place inside. bringing Colin and Elle home from the hospital for the first time, for example. youth team and high school kor group meetings. parties. gaming fests. sweet times of prayer. etc, etc.

strange combination of joy and anticipation / fear and trepidation / bittersweet feelings brewing inside. have to spend some time talking with Jesus about all that, do some surrendering, let him do some sorting. should be fun :)

no idea how quickly or slowly this process will go -- never sold a house before!

as an aside, we've been so busy i haven't had time to blog about the full motion flight simulator i got to visit, or the pistons, or our come from behind softball victory, or my old man / clumsy injuries, or the fun outreaches at church, or the upcoming week in Cincinatti (leave tomorrow) with the middle school and high school students for the summer of service, or our amazing board at church, fathers day, etc. etc. oh well, better busy than the alternative.


Anonymous said...

you've done a great job making that house really cute and happy... i think you'll have no problems selling it. let me know when you need some help with stuff this summer... i especially like doing home-improvements!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Jesse!
Let me know too. I'm willing to help out with whatever I can :) Course I guess I should get our nursury done first ;)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i'm having a baby in august too.... well, maybe my help will be more limited until later in the fall.

Anonymous said...

jesse - please keep us updated!! we are going to be looking in milan as well so you are blazing the trail for us!!! your house will sell, it is so cute and well kept (: maybe we should buy it - phil would love those lights in your office! no - we want to be neighbors with you not live in your old house! go pistons - (:

Anonymous said...

anything develop on the home front?