Thursday, February 17, 2005

february 17th

taking Ronni out to dinner for her birthday tonight. Tracey, a friend with whom we served in youth ministry a few years ago, is coming to watch Colin. it'll be nice to get out together, sort of alone, for a bit.

earlier this morning, met with Mark, a board member who serves as treasurer for the church. enjoying developing a friendship with Mark. his dad and my dad were both elders at emmaus fellowship (the church that eventually, in a meandering sort of way, became or gave birth to the church that is the milan vineyard), so it's kind of cool to be serving Jesus in similar capacities together.

like everyone else, trying to shake a bad cold. hasn't robbed any of the joy i'm taking from the awesome winter warmth event. hard to imagine being any prouder of the church than i was on monday night. love, enthusiasm, passion, tirelessness, excellence in service to Christ.

hard to imagine being more in love with Ronni, come to think of it. here's one of my favorite pictures of her, taken on a date one fall before we were married. doesn't do her justice, really, but captures something of her bearing, joy, felicity, zest.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a great picture of Ronni!!
Did you take it?
Love ya, -Grace-

Anonymous said...

thanks, Grace. yes, as matter of fact i did. hard to take a bad pic of her, though :)