Friday, November 26, 2004

thanksgiving, etc.

had a great time with family yesterday. we've taken to alternating years between my family and Ronni's; this year it was the Wilson side, at my parents house. judy was in from NYC, awesome to see her again. McGuigans were there too. Cousins Dave and Steve (17 & 19) or something like that) are really cool--they had a big snowball fight with Colin and Grace. Amy and Ben and Ben's parents and brother came later for desert. just missing Maja, Patrick and boys (Maja's birthday tomorrow, looking forward to talking to's been a long time!) and the Elkingtons (and my dad's sisters and their families--but it's a rare treat for them to come, since they live out east). great conversation, lots of laughter, delicious meal, foosball (beat Grace for only the 2nd time; she's got amazing reflexes and a good competitive instinct. Nick, Ben's bro, shut me out though, 5-0, and then he was trounced by Grace--way to go, Grace!) watched the lions get pasted by Peyton. alas. listened to some great tunes with Dad and Uncle Kit. praise God for music and music lovers.

took Colin to see his first movie at the theater today. we've been talking about going sometime for a while, so his excitement has been growing. announced that today was the day. he was overwhelmed with excitement. really. almost fainted overwhelmed. his eyes got huge, he looked a little pale, and although he was already sitting on his knees, he had to sit all the way down on his bottom to absorb the news. then he let out a big sigh and gulped a big "well golly gee" kind of gulp. it was all Ronni and I could do to keep from bursting out laughing.

the film was "The Incredibles." what a great flick. Colin loved it, of course. i thought it was an amazing animated film. captured my imagination visually, very funny, well acted and animated, and actually had me engaged in the plot. well done, Pixar.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Jesse, you just barley bet me. was it 9-10? I bet ben,nick and me and you bet Uncle Kit too!!!!!