Wednesday, September 8, 2004

tripping the light fantastic

tonight was "date night", which really means family night until Colin goes to bed. it's the one evening a week that we preserve from any other commitments, church or otherwise. put on some remixes of U2 songs and danced the night away in the living room. Colin's got his own style: a disco / martial arts / gymnatics / ballet hybrid. lots of tumbling and kicking and punching and leaping and twirling. Ronni and I showed him a little bit of swing dancing (no tosses, mind you...probably not great for either the baby or my back, not to mention that we never really learned that part of the swing anyway).

discovered an added benefit to the new windows that were recently installed: much better sound insulation. we cranked the bass on "Mysterious Ways" to the point of picture rattling, and didn't get a single complaint from the neighbors. worth the investment right there.

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