Wednesday, August 18, 2004

big apple

we're here in New York, staying with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Nick. awesome place, 87th & 2nd Ave. got a parking space directly in front of the entrance. Uncle Nick made a delicious chicken parmesan last night - could've been a gourmet chef. walked to central park. saw a lady walking two dogs, pushing her baby in a stroller, and talking on a cell phone. made me feel very laid back.

Judy came over this morning. Colin, Ronni, and i spent the day with her: Staten Island ferry, ground zero, time square, wall street, battery park. met cousin Holly for lunch in the Chase Manhattan plaza. security asked me for i.d. after Ronni took a picture of us by a fountain. feel very secure knowing that all the suspicious types are under scrutiny this thorough. despite my fears that he would be afraid, Colin loves the subway. and the bus. and the ferry. and the eligator, too.

we're at Judy's new pad right now. spacious, hip, homey. hard to be all three, i know, but it is.

been to Starbucks twice today. getting Vietnamese for dinner tonight. feel very cosmopolitan.

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Anonymous said...

Man do dad and I want to be there now!!