Wednesday, June 30, 2004

time flies

wow, it's been a while since i've updated this.

went to the summer of service in cinci last week. awesome. good God stuff. had a blast serving, laughing, worshipping, siphoning off energy from young people. had a great time hanging out with Jon B, a man i continue to be more and more impressed with. got to observe Donnell really coming into his own as a youth pastor - leading the staff with grace, care, and vision, loving the kids, exercising wisdom and discernment in complex situations. reconnected with folks i've missed a lot from a2. love that church in cinci, too. lots of Jesus there.

on an unrelated note, cat's throwing up a lot, every day now, sometimes a couple of times a day. Aslan, the ornery one. pushing 11 years old, i think. probably not much longer for this world. i think i'll actually be pretty sad if we have to put him to sleep - he and i have a strange attachment, despite all the grief i give him. prayed for him not too long ago, that God would grant him a peaceful, happy last chapter. a little funny, laying hands on a cat, but felt right to do, being the one given care for one of God's creatures. all things great and small, goes the poem, the Lord God loves them all...

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