Sunday, March 21, 2004

guest from across the pond

rob clark, senior pastor of the bournemouth vineyard, spoke at the church this morning. great stuff about the fatherhood of God. simple and direct, annointed, seemed really effective. saw some people come up for prayer that i've never seen come forward before. some old friends were visiting this morning; feels good when that happens. rob's got a really fun church, has a knack for empowering others. want to learn to do that more myself. feel excited about what Jesus has in store down the road. went to cabella's with ronni, colin, and rob for lunch afterwards. absolutely packed.

piston's resounding victory over the cavs helped me unwind this afternoon. seems liked i'm always pretty "knackered" (british expression that's lodged in my brain) sunday afternoons--interesting since i didn't have to preach this morning. must be the relational energy expended.

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