Saturday, January 29, 2005

compassion & hoops

stopped by the compassion ministry for a bit this morning. can't help but feel like the luckiest pastor in the world to serve with a church that enjoys loving people in need. saw Kevin there helping, and he is signed up for our introducing Vineyard class next saturday. joy all over his face. Jess was there too, a friend from a small group of high school students i got to lead a couple of years ago. great guitar player who might have every reason to be full of himself, but instead was pulling wagons of groceries in the cold. humilty in action. Karen, a few weeks out of major back surgery, going in for more surgery on tuesday, was there despite her pain and physical limitations. "couldn't bear the thought that i'll have to miss seeing folks because of my surgery," she said. "had to be here today. just had to be." Maxine, sick all week, thrilled to be well enough this morning to come help weigh groceries and be blessed and a blessing amongst friends. Jesus, infusing the whole place with his love. nice to be near him for a bit.

then off to our basketball game, 3rd of the year. came away with a 10 point victory, but it got dicey there towards the end--our opponnents rattling off 15 in a row to bring it within 5. still undefeated. i couldn't play the second half - some kind of calf injury at the end of the first half. probably related to bouncing Elle so much in the evenings, trying to help her sleep. or just related to aging. either way, bummer. should heal up with a little rest, i'm sure.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jesse the same thing happended to me!!
My calfs hurt like crasy on Saturday!
Glad you won!!