Tuesday, January 25, 2005


this post is mainly for me, so i won't forget this years from now.

Colin bursts into the office, finished with his quiet/nap time. "Dad! I was thinking about that I could do cartwheels. With no help! And I could walk on my hands. With no one helping me! And I was thinking about how I could ride my bike with no training wheels. All by myself! No one holding me!"

"sounds like fun stuff to think about, Colin, eh?" says i, amused.

"Yes! It was a lot of fun thinking about those things! I was thinking about them during my nap!"

then as quickly as he had entered, he's left. a whirlwind of optimism, hope, anticipation, contentedness with a good future.

inspired, i'm scheduling a little daydreaming session for myself tomorrow. 10 minutes to think about fun stuff that i'll be able to do, just around the corner, by the grace of God.

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