Wednesday, December 29, 2004

close to home

the tsunami news over the past couple of days is staggering, really. didn't find myself affected until i watched an abc report with Ronni tonight. slowly welling emotions right now. not sure if it's grief in the stricktest sense, as i'm not personally bereaved...sort of a displaced, generalized lament mixed with wonder/horror. trying to find the right word... plaintive? kind of hope there isn't a right word.

Ronni sponsors a young girl named Mary through Compassion International. Mary lives in Indonesia. we're praying she and her family are safe. Compassion sent an email saying that the base she attends for school is still intact, but they are going house to house to check on all of the children. not sure how long it might be until we know if she's o.k.

holding Elle in my arms while watching images of a distraught young mother holding her lifeless baby. how do i merit the blessing i enjoy? even less apparent reason for that family's encounter with the curse of death. makes me want to turn off the tv, but somehow that seems like the wrong thing to do.

God grows really large in my mind in situations like this. All 77,000 killed so far are beloved to him, not to mention the pain he bears with each survivor. how does he retain the capacity to care about the various mundane prayers i sent his way today?


Anonymous said...

Jesse, it's time for a new post! Of course, I really understand not having time or energy to do it, but you have audience and they want to hear from you! So, let's get going now! - DW

Anonymous said...

HI Jesse-

just wanted to let you know it's nice for Darc and I to hear what's going on through your blogs. we enjoy them. Tell the family "hello"

Anonymous said...

your wish is my command. thanks for the reminders...i'd gotten a little distracted by busy ness.

Anonymous said...

oh, and i got your message darcy...i'll try to call you tomorrow; i'll be in lansing most of the day, so if i can't call, i'll definitely call thursday.