Sunday, July 4, 2004

the 4th

talked with a man who lost his father on this day many years ago. happens to be his birthday today too. that, and independence day to boot. needless to say, it's a day of conflicting emotions for him. it was cool to see how much he loved his dad, though. less common than it should be to find a man who holds his dad in high esteem.

he was really sad his (the man's) kids never got to know him (the man's dad - the kids' grandpa). occurs to me they will, through him. sort of how we get to know the Father through Jesus. said something to that effect by way of encouragement. i always imagined pastors were the sorts of people to know what to say in those kinds of situations. truth is, i always feel like i'm guessing.

hung out with Colin after his nap so Ronni could go see Shrek 2. she loved it. i loved getting some qt with CJ. we flew (virutally speaking, or is it speaking virtually?) over Orca Island off the coast of Washington State in a single engine prop plane for a while. spent most of the time craining our necks to catch a glimpse of the elusive orcas playing in the shallow waters. eventually switched to Cessna Caravan (the amphibious variety) so we could camp out on the gentle waves and wait for the whales to break the surface. one of them almost swamped our plane - quite a thrill. Colin had quite a story to tell Ronni when she got back.


Anonymous said...

...that's so cool... now, is the bit about the whales for real? that's neat if they included that in the software...

Anonymous said...

yeah, believe it or not the whales bit is real. there's a guy named Richard Goldstein, i think, who makes a series of sceneries called georender, and this latest one includes jumping whales... (