Friday, November 21, 2008

scripture project - Joshua

been working on collage for our front hall wall.  a set of scripture passages and words arranged in a large frame.  scanning them and messing around a little with photoshop.    trying to pick ones that have a place of more meaningful meaning in my/our lives. 

here's one the the first passages I worked on.

Joshua 1

a good friend paraphrased this one for me in a note of encouragement when I first began to serve as a senior pastor.  packs a punch.


Christine Sturm said...

Hey Jesse,
If you need any help give me a call-I would be glad to give my creative input. Maybe some kind of a mural behind it? Let me know-I'm out of projects right now and I'm getting antsy to do something creative!!!!!
God bless you & your family during this new year!!!!
Christine Sturm
Hope that you liked the goodies!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Praise God...Can I use Joshua 1:9 scripture wallpaper from your blog? I want to use it in one of my testimonies.
Please send your response to and mark a copy to

Love and Prayers
Navid Shaikh
God bless you!