Friday, July 8, 2005


we signed a sales agreement today: whoohoo!

after a conversation with Ronni about the particulars, prayed about whether or not to accept the offer we received today. held hands, Ronni, Colin, Elle and i, and asked Jesus to show us what to do. listened quitely for a minute or so, then polled everyone.

said she felt peaceful about it - felt a reassurance of sufficent grace for the unknown ahead (finding a new house to live in, etc.).

"Jesus say anything to you Colin...?"
"great...what did he say?"
"Jesus said 'yes' we should."
"really? cool."

"Elle...?" big smile. of course, she always smiles. but confirming nonetheless.

"How about you, Jesse...?" Ronni asked. "Yeah, i felt good about it too...nothing specific, just peace, but nothing negative for sure."

"hey Colin, did you hear anything else?" i asked him.
"yes, i did. he said we should live with Gramma and Grandpa and Grace while they're making our new house..."
"yeah - building it."

hmmm, thought Ronni and i, we've mentioned those things as possibilities, but certainly not definites, especially the building thing. have to file that away for future reference in coming house hunting process, i suppose. just awaiting the buyers inspection next week while we're on vacation. hope there's nothing major wrong with the house we've been living in for 5 years :) sure would be a bummer to find out... if all goes well, scheduled to close on August 5.

Lentz's came by to pray over us this afternoon for a great vacation. we are almost crazy blessed. in the really good sense of crazy.


Anonymous said...

jesse that is great news!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks, Amy! more good news in the post above, too.