Wednesday, March 23, 2005


been a while, not because there's nothing going on; quite the opposite. we dedicated Elle on Sunday (Mom & Dad came to Milan to do the honors). lots of family at church, even my aunt Pat from Fort Wayne was there. upgraded the dedication ceremony this year, incorporating a great suggestion from my mom about having parents offer a personal prayer of thanksgiving and dedication, and compiling a blessing from the book of common prayer. what a great gift to the church that book is. also, finally got around to making an image for dedications:

the whole celebration was really rich with the Lord's presence. nice thick slice of heaven on earth.

not exactly related to Elle, but close enough seeing as she's my daughter - lots of sister news i've been slow to report (i have 6 sisters, including sisters in law). first, Paula had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago (Rebecca). extraordinary girl, bright and beautiful. second, Becky (not to be confused with Rebecca, although they share a name and likely some DNA sequences in common) is moving to Colorado in a week or so. is there right at the moment interviewing for a job, in fact. third, Maja just received a contract from a prominent educational publisher to write a book critiquing rubrics (a method of establishing and communicating grading criteria for assignments, as best as I understand it). fourth, met Judy's boyfriend Dan and was suitably impressed. fifth, celebrated Grace's 12th birthday and noticed her nearly straight a+ report card. sixth, thought it was worth mentioning that Amy is really cool and looking very buff these days, even though i don't have any actual news to report.

enough for now, off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Jesse!!
Can't wait to see what Elle will be like as a sister.