Thursday, November 11, 2004

long distance relationships

Ed & Clare Evans (and daughters Bethia and Olivia) who pastor the Salisbury Vineyard (U.K.) have been here on holiday since the beginnning of november. Ronni, Colin, and i have really enjoyed getting to know them; they are a fab family. Ed and i took a two hour walk today, and the time flew by. we only met once while i was in England last year, but we clicked without effort; conversation is easy with him, and i find him greatly encouraging. i really admire his relationship with Jesus too--there is a genuine humility and contagious anticipation about it. he had a couple of impressions from God at church on sunday, and they seem to be spot on.

on a related but less serious note: why is it that british children sound so intelligent when they speak? Bethia (4 years old) can say anything, and it just sounds incredibly smart. clearly, she is actually a very precocious child, but her accent amplifies her apparent intellectual capacity by about 40 years or so. i'm wondering if there is a reciprocal dynamic--i.e., is an american accent in a child perceived as especially smart to a british person? i'm afraid to ask directly, because i suspect it's the exact opposite.

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Anonymous said...

that's funny... i think British kids are generally better educated than American kids, but don't know how that would apply to a 4 year old. they sound more intelligent anyway. Colin appears to be a musical genius, and Julie tells me that Robert Royce seems to be a little prodigy as well, so who knows!