Thursday, October 7, 2004


should have an interesting day tomorrow.

the milan chamber of commerce invited me to offer an "invocation" before their 8:00 a.m. meeting. i'm never really sure what the expectation is, as i imagine chamber members could be from any number of religious or irreligious persuasions. tiptoeing lightly and generically (theologically speaking) isn't really within my job description as a student of Jesus, nor really within my mental abilities at 8 a.m. i'm thinking about asking Jesus to exercise his influence on the business leader's hearts so that their talents and power would be used as an instrument of blessing for the people of Milan, especially the poor. maybe i'll just thank Jesus for the gift of work and the freedom to create and produce, and invite him to impart his creativity, wisdom, and compassion to the group. hmmm. don't think the book of common prayer has one for this sort of thing, does it? drop a comment if you've got any ideas...i'll probably have the chance to do this a few more times, God willing.

a friend from the ann arbor church invited me to speak to her middle school about my experiences in belfast after high school, the fun that comes from taking risks, the surprises God has in store when we let him lead, etc. should be a blast. love middle school students. they love you or tune you right polite nodding. been a while since i've addressed a group of them, though. kind of nervous. regardless of how it all goes, i know i'll have a lot to laugh about when all is said and done.


Anonymous said...

the Book of Common Prayer has some prayers that might give you some ideas... check out the section 'Prayers and Thanksgivings' and 'Prayers for National Life'

Anonymous said...

What middle school are you going to????

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot, so take this thought with a grain of salt, but how about this:

"May the Almighty, to whom we pray today, give us the wisdom to spend what you provide us wisely."

Just a thought...why do I hit publish?

Ahhh....breathing room!

Thanks Jesse!

Anonymous said...

like it. works on every level. nice.

Anonymous said...

Write a new blog!!!!
See you at the halloween party at church!